2019 Small Quilt Challenge Application

For AQG Members

Our Small Quilt Challenge for this year is to make a small quilt no larger than 28" on any given side and no less than 12" using Black, White and One Color.  Quilts can be any shape, including square, round, rectangle, octagon or hexagon.  Any quilting method is acceptable.  All quilts must include a label.  

Name of Challenge Quilt________________________________________

Size _____________________________________  Colors______________

Name of Piecer________________________________________________

Name of Quilter_______________________________________________

Brief comments:_______________________________________________


Your Name_______________________________Telephone#____________

City, State____________________________email_____________________

Please send applications to Ann Joyce, 701 W. Banner Ave., Winston-Salem, NC 27127 or email amjgwj@aol.com  no later than June 19, 2019.  Please complete a separate form for each item you are entering. Quilts are to be completely encased in a fabric bag no smaller than a standard pillowcase with your name on it.

Challenge quilts are to be turned in on Tuesday, July 9, 2019 between 11am & 2pm to the Emerson Black Building at the Alleghany County Fairgrounds.

They are to be picked up at the above location on Saturday, July 13, 2019 between 4:30 to 5:30.

Please enter the name of the person who will pick up the Challenge quilt after the show is over:

_____________________________________________Item #______(Will be filled in by AQG).