Volume 22   Issue 7
February 2018

February  President's Corner

The October Glade Valley tornado is a memory now.  The logs in the fireplace now blew down, got sawed and stacked to bring warmth when the cold snows came.  There are many more limbs and trees to saw up in the woods still, but firewood is plentiful.  The exercise was good until Christmas week when temps took a major dive!!

     How good it feels to be wrapped up in a warm quilt by the fire in February ...or sitting under a newly basted quilt putting in thousands of hand quilting stitches.  2018 began with freezing days and nights.  What a special treat it is that quilting is an all-weather pleasure.  Quilting, like firewood, warms you twice:  once when you have the enjoyment of designing and making the quilt and again when someone special is wrapped in it.

     As I write this I am hearing (in my head) my small daughters singing Maurice Sendak's happy words:  "In February it will be my snowman's anniversary,  with cake for him and soup for me!  Happy once, Happy twice,  Happy chicken soup with rice."  Keep that soup simmering as your needle flies. 




             6 -  Nancy Kish

                   12 - Ann Joyce

                   17 - Barbara Moncrief

            20 - Judy Thew

            21 - Lynda Carver

Meeting of the Alleghany Quilters Guild

January 25, 2018

     President Mary Allen called the meeting to order at the Senior Center.  Barbara Moncrief noted that the 14 quilts completed in connection with the QOV project were actually donated to the “Gunney Claus” program for children of veterans who have development disabilities due to their parents' exposure to harmful substances during their active service, not to the QOV Foundation as reported in the minutes of the December meeting.  Also, Nancy Kish noted that the amount collected at that meeting for the Alleghany Food Closet was $127, not $107 as reported in the minutes.  The minutes of the December meeting were approved as corrected. The  Treasurer's report was approved as published in the newsletter.

      Mary Allen asked that we all observe a moment of silence for Maureen Cote, a member who passed away a few days before.

     Mary read thank you notes the guild had received from the Pregnancy Center for baby quilts donated and the Community Read program for our participation.

      Lynn McClary announced that the first class of the year would be taught by Jo Seagle on February 13 from 10 am to 4pm at the library.  Jo will show us how to make a slashed denim jacket.  In March we will have a Sit 'n Sew day, and April's class will be on free motion quilting with Margaret Layman.

     Carolyn Patton reported that the QOV group is planning a group award of quilts to WWII veterans.  Details will be announced later.  Beth Sproul handed out bags containing pieces to sew one row of the squares and rectangles QOV quilts.  Barbara Moncrief reported that the cadets at Grayson High School want to make a QOV. She will work with them to arrange a date to work on it.  She also reported that the Gunney Claus project would like to have more quilts.  She told John Irwin that we had already spent more than the $100 donation they had given  us, but we would make pillowcases if we had more money for materials.  The next QOV workday will be February 2 at the Presbyterian Church.

     Lynda Carver reported that 6 volunteers had met on January 5 to plan construction of the raffle quilt.  The group will go shopping for fabric on January 31.  This group will cut out block kits and distribute them to members for assembly.

     Jo Seagle stressed that more volunteers were needed for the quilt show.  She had sign-up sheets for the jobs that need to be filled.  There will be a meeting of chair people on February 15.  She asked that we think of a theme for the show.  There will be a silent auction of small items (tablerunners, small quilts, etc.), so donations of these items will be welcome.

     Lynda Carver asked members if they would prefer to add some videos or more books to the library.  The overwhelming vote was for videos.  Lynda will make a list of videos available from the American Quilters Society and ask members to indicate which they would like to add first.

       Several members announced upcoming events: the North Carolina Quilt Symposium will be held at the UNC Asheville campus May 31-June 3, and the annual Quilting and Needlework Extravaganza will be in Statesville January 26 and 27.

     Show and Tell:

Anne Rost showed a quilt she made for her father-in-law.

Carolyn Patton modeled a sweatshirt jacket she had finished.

Barbara Moncrief showed some tucked placemats she made and  a rag quilt Anne Rost's daughter made for the pregnancy center.

Ann Joyce showed 2 quilt tops she had completed at a retreat at Epworth by the Sea in St. Simons, Ga.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynda Carver, Co-secretary



President - Mary Allen Vice-President - Barbara Moncrief

Secretary - Jean Stevens   &      Treasurer - Nancy Kish

      Lynda Carver

Historian -                    Library - Lynda Carver

Membership - Adrienne Sherrow Newsletter - Ann Joyce

Education Program -  Lynn McClary             Quilts of Valor - Carolyn Patton, Barbara Moncrief,

Beth Sproul

Publicity - Lorae Lewchalermwong Raffle Quilt Production -  

Raffle Quilt Sales - Janey Jones                  Outreach - Lois Edwards

Sunshine - Ann Joyce Quilt Show - Carol Booth, Jo Seagle, Beth Sproul,

Calling - Barbara Moncrief, Nancy Kish Jean Stevens

Quilts at WCC - Barbara Moncrief


AQG Education News for February 2018

Our dates for upcoming opportunities are as follows:

February 13 ( Tuesday)- Snappy Denim Jacket  Class, taught by Jo Seagle

March 16 (Friday)- our 2nd “Sew What You Wish” Day

April 10 (Tuesday) Free Motion Quilting Class, taught by Margaret Layman

All sewing events are from 10:00 A.M.- 4:00 P.M. and are held at the Alleghany Public Library.

2018 QUILT SHOW  - July 13th & 14th

Thank you for the great response last month with ideas & input regarding how we can make this year's show great. There will be a short idea session after the regular meeting for anyone willing to work on the show. We will discuss areas still needing a chairman/co-chairman, work to be done and deciding on a theme. There were numerous suggestions, some of them are:  Quilting in the Mountains                             Love of Quilting           Quilting Traditions          Community Stitches                  Connecting thru Quilting        Quilting Treasures        The Beauty of Quilts    Community Building thru Quilting ** There were several based on the "community" theme (sorry if all are not listed).  If you have a favorite or if you think of some other ones, please share them with Jo and bring ideas to the meeting.

"FEATURED ARTISTCarla Collins has been selected as the Featured Artist for this year's show. Congratulations Carla ! We look forward to seeing a display of your beautiful work !

SILIENT AUCTION - based on members input, we will be having a Silent Auction with various items donated by members & friends. In addition, there will be some "Baskets of Goodies" for attendees to bid on. We will need everyone's help with items, baskets & preparation - but, it can be an exciting  & fun addition to our show.

Remember -  Only 6 months till the big show ! !

 Get busy and finish your quilting projects !

Quilts of Valor

QOV on Feb. 3 was extremely well attended even with the bitter cold day!   There were 11-13 gals working on numerous projects. Two quilts are all but ready to head down to Jim’s!  Not only does a ton of work get done, a ton of laughter and fellowship while sewing and over soup lunch! The next QOV workday will be on MARCH 2 at 10a.m. at the Presbyterian Church.   I will bring some kind of soup for lunch.   ALSO, I WILL SEND AN E-MAIL OUT FOR A “Gunny Clause” pillowcase WORKDAY my home.

 Barbara, Carolyn, & Beth

 Some Pictures from the work day: