Volume 24   Issue 04                                                            October 2019

President's Corner

I would like to say Thank You to each and every one of you for your help on the Sheriff’s quilts.  I am honored and appreciate the help that you are providing, especially knowing it takes time away from working on the projects that you have planned or even may be working on.  

October is bringing the beautiful beginnings and colorful changes of Fall.  In addition to our local landscape colors changes it can provide us with inspiration for new color options that may be out of our normal designing.  As the cooler weather approaches and hunting season begins, it provides us with the opportunity to stay inside, let's use it to set aside time to begin a new project or even work on an existing UFO project that we may have set aside waiting for a good time to pick back up and work on.   I look forward to seeing some of your beautiful items at our next meeting, of things you are working on or even that you have been inspired to do. 

Just as a reminder, please join us at the Sparta library for our next meeting for class and fellowship.  The Christmas ornaments for the 1908 courthouse will be collected during this time also. 

For those who are interested, Pineapple fabrics are having their next warehouse sale from October 17-19. The 17th and 18th hours are from 9am-5pm. Saturdays hours are from 9am-4pm.  The sale will consist of the fabric being sold by the pound pricing.  They are located at 505 Aztec Drive, Archdale, NC.  I know that I know that I have found some wonderful items and the by the pound sale is my favorite. 

Anne Rost


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    1 - Carolyn Patton

  21 - Velma Blevins



President - Anne Rost           Vice-President - Lorae Lewchalermwong

Secretary - Anne McDonald                         Treasurer -  Lynn McClary           

Historian -  

                                          Library - Nancy Morrell & Velma Blevins

Membership - Adrienne Sherrow Newsletter - Ann Joyce

Education Program -  Nancy Kish             Quilts of Valor - Carolyn Patton, Barbara Moncrief

Publicity - Lorae Lewchalermwong Raffle Quilt Production -  Mary Allen

Raffle Quilt Sales -                              Outreach - Lois Edwards, Marie Pruitt

Sunshine -    Anne McDonald        Quilt Show - 

Calling - Barbara Moncrief, Nancy Kish

Quilts at WCC - Barbara Moncrief

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Minutes of the regular Business meeting of the Alleghany Quilters’ Guild held on September  22, 2019.

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Lorae Lewchalermwong at 1:29pm.

There were 14 members present, with no visitors.

The Minutes of the previous meeting and the Treasurer’s Report had been distributed in the monthly newsletter. There were no additions or corrections to either and the motions and seconds to accept both reports were made by Carl Stevens and Nancy Kish.

Sunshine: Anne McDonald reported that she had sent flowers to Marie Pruitt for her 90th birthday and was continuing to send out birthday cards to members. She requested updated information from members. 

Library: There was no Librarian present to give a report on this activity.

Membership: Adrienne Sherrow reported that 33 members were paid up for the coming year and that 15 members had not yet paid. 

Education: Nancy Kish reported that the planned bus trip to Charleston had been cancelled due to lack of participation. She suggested instead a bus trip to a show in Asheville on Friday October 18. There is a $7 entry fee. The information for this would be sent to Ann Joyce for distribution. 10 members are needed in order to make the trip viable.

Nancy also informed members of the Cabarrus Show in Concord, NC

The class scheduled for Tuesday October 8 will be taught by Gail Brandt using pre-cuts and will feature design using these handy fabric packs. Gail showed several examples. A sign-up list was circulated Attendees should bring any pre-cut packs as well as their lunch.

November’s work meeting will be spent on finishing the Christmas ornaments for The Independence Courthouse tree.

On November 12 and 13 the Library in Sparta together with some members of the Alleghany Quilters’ Guild is hosting a series of mini demonstrations of quilting techniques which will be open to the public. Kits for this event are ready and quilters are asked to help in this.

The Christmas Challenge Quilt has a slightly new look this year. Participants are asked to use their own fabrics and ideas and design and make a twelve and a half inch finished block. The blocks will eventually make up to a sampler quilt.

Carl Stevens spoke of the Foothills Show in Elkin on September 28. He offered to take quilts down for anyone wishing to enter a quilt.

Raffle Ticket sales: Mary Allen and Lorae reported that sales so far had reached around $1500, with several selling venues still to come. The next event would be at Thistle Meadows Winery on October 6 from 12pm to 4pm and of course at the Choose and Cut Festival. Small items are needed to fill the Guild’s booth at this event.

Guild Survey: Anne McDonald introduced Jann Boggs who had been working tirelessly on updating the Guild’s brochure. There were examples of the suggested brochure for discussion.

Annual (?) Show: Discussion on this topic was tabled until the next business meeting when it was suggested that the vote be taken by secret ballot since there are such mixed opinions on this topic.

Quilts of Valor: Carolyn Patton reported on the latest quilt presentation in Blowing Rock. The next work day will be October 4, at the Pottery Place, when the main focus will be on hand work. There is a push for all details of the next big presentation event which will take place on November 9 at 2:00 pm to be nailed down in the next month.

Anne McDonald circulated a sign- up sheet for donations of the refreshments which will be needed for the event.

Next year’s raffle quilt was discussed. Mary Allen stated that she already has purchased fabric and has selected a pattern. She has started work on some blocks which she shared. This quilt is not to be confused with the suggestion of a quilt for JAM. Tina Duffy explained that she and Janey Jones have this quilt in hand. A motion was made by Jann Boggs, seconded by Carl Stevens for the quilt that Mary has started on to be this next year’s raffle quilt. The motion passed unanimously.

Carl Stevens presented information about an innovational feature in the upcoming quilt show in Ashe County. It will be a Guild vs Guild challenge and is by invitation only, to be judged by Viewers Choice. There are significant prizes for the three top quilts. The motion to participate was made by Eileen Elrod and seconded by Gail Brandt.

A date for the Christmas Luncheon was decided upon – Thursday December 12. Old Beau was again preferred and Anne McDonald will make preliminary contact with Old Beau.

Cut squares for the Grayson County Sheriff’s department were available. Members were asked to pick them up to be worked on. Quilts for this project should measure 50” x50”.

The Making Grayson Glow initiative was discussed. Ornaments need to be turned in at the November business meeting on November 21. 

The meeting was adjourned at 2:53pm. 

Gail Brandt and Adrienne Sherrow shared some of their work in Show and Tell.

Anne R would like to meet this Thursday at 10 until at my house.  I have at least 20 pkg. ready to see, so come prepared to see nicks together!  It is soup weather!!, so I will have a pot of soup....Barbara


A Quilt of Valor was presented to a 95 year old veteran by Barbara Moncrief and Carolyn Patton in September.  It was also his wife's 85th  birthday.

Friday, Oct. 4 was our regular QOV workday at Tina’s from 10 until. 

QOV was super busy stitching labels on quilt to be presented in November 9!  Quite a sight with everyone using a needle and thread, some using thimbles and some not!!!  We used all the labels we had and now awaiting more to arrive in the mail.  PLEASE, if you have not, put NOVEMBER 9 at 2:00 at the 1908 COURTHOUSE for the QOV program!! Tell and bring your family and friends!  Looks like 13 veterans will be wrapped with a quilt!!!  WE WILL MEET ON NOVEMBER 1 at Tina’s to work and put final touches on the program.  Carolyn and Barbara 

At the presentation of Quilts of Valor on Saturday November 9th, we will be serving refreshments. This is a request for donations of finger foods, both sweet and savory, please.

Please contact either Anne or Lori  McDonald with your offers of goodies. We will serve both hot and cold apple cider as well as water.

Happy 90th Birthday to Marie Pruitt.  Anne McDonald sent her flowers to celebrate this monumental birthday & to let her know we are thinking about her.  

Congratulations go out to Betty & T.C. Boyer on their 60th Wedding  Anniversary on 

September 19th.  They were married in Washington, D.C.


 October class is Tuesday the 8th at library with Gail Brandt and pre cuts. Bring jelly rolls or any other pre-cuts you have for a fun working with colors and layouts. Bring a yard of complimentary color.  Bring lunch also 9:30-3:00. 

We have a possible bus trip to the Cabarrus County quilt show on Friday the 18th . I need at least 10 members to get the bus. We will leave Sparta at 8:30 and return by 4. Let me know asap please.

On November 12 and 13 the Library in Sparta together with some members of the Alleghany Quilters’ Guild is hosting a series of mini demonstrations of quilting techniques which will be open to the public. Kits for this event are ready and quilters are asked to help in this.


At the Heritage Festival last weekend, 2 people asked for some help with quilting projects.

Needs someone to put together at least one T-shirt quilt:
Rich Lyman  704-968-4265

He has at least 40 t-shirts...

Needs to finish a family quilt - has top and back:
Claudia C. Prose  Call or text  919-302-6715

I meant to mention these contacts at the meeting last week...

Please let all know if you are making contact so we don't overwhelm them with our enthusiasm!!


Jann Spalding Boggs


Barbara asked me to put Lynda Carver’s new address in the newsletter, so here it is:

11 Rydell Lane

Palm Coast

Florida 32104.