Volume 25   Issue 7                                                       January 2021

President's Corner

Here is a warm wish for all to have a Happy 2021!   I sure hope it fares better than our last one.  It’s hard to believe that we’re starting a new year, however a new year brings many new opportunities into our lives.  What are some things you’d like to accomplish this upcoming year?   Maybe it involves learning new techniques, finishing UFO’s, or just setting aside more time for quilting or any other interest. 

 I know every year my goal is to get my UFO’s completed.  Well this year, I’m trying to be a little smarter in reference to that idea.  I’m looking at it with a different approach that consist of this thought process… “If it’s not finished by now then I’m obviously not interested in the project so it’s time to get rid of it.”  So it’s time for it to find another home where someone else might be interested in finishing it or learning ho to do that particular type of project.  It may even be it finds a home where it’s fabric and pieces are used for a different project.  The best part is that it will be used and not just sitting in a container as an UFO that is forgotten about.  

On another note, I’d like to let everyone know that if you are interested in helping to make quits for the sheriff's department for underprivileged kids then there are kits that Mrs. Barbara has put together and provided to me.   Let me know and I’ll get some to you.  There is also a lot of Fabric at Mrs. Barbara’s still if you would rather choose your own.  Please contact her so that you can set up how to pick it up.   It is strictly a volunteer project so please don’t feel like you have to participate with this project.  

I hope to see everyone on the zoom meeting this month and hopefully we’ll be able to meet in person in February.   I’m excited to see what everyone is working on and hear about your plans for the upcoming year.   Talk to ya Soon.

Ann Rost



    13 - Mary Allen



                                           OFFICERS & COMMITTEE CHAIRS


President - Anne Rost              Vice-President - Lorae Lewchalermwong

Secretary - Nancy Kish                         Treasurer -  Lynn McClary           

Historian -                                                     Library - Nancy Morrell & Velma Blevins

Membership - Adrienne Sherrow      Newsletter - Ann Joyce

Education Program -  Nancy Kish              Quilts of Valor - Carolyn Patton, Barbara                                                                                                      Moncrief

Publicity - Lorae Lewchalermwong Raffle Quilt Production -  Mary Allen

Raffle Quilt Sales -                                   Outreach - Lois Edwards, Marie Pruitt

Sunshine -    Ann Joyce                 Quilt Show - Jann Boggs

Calling - Barbara Moncrief, Nancy Kish

Quilts at WCC - Barbara Moncrief

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No meeting  in December 2020 so we have no minutes.  Nancy will send us an email invite for the Zoom meeting on the morning of Thursday, January 28.

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QOV  Hope everyone continues to quilt in all kinds of wats as we continue to be staying home!  I have a challenge for everyone this month....make a red, white,  & blue crazy quilt square that can be squared to at least 10”! BUT DO NOT SQUARE IT, PLEASE!! I’m having a blast doing this with mask scraps!...this is so out of my box...Barbara 

.Ruth Chapel was/is my inspiration to make the crazy quilt blocks with scraps! She makes such beautiful scrappy quilts!!  Barbara


Final numbers for the Mask Campaign.

   If I have missed someone, please let me know.  These numbers were collected during our last meeting and those that were sent in to Ann.  Looks like Barbara is our winner! Congratulations Barbara!  Barbara will be sent the winning check for $25.00 to be used as she pleases.  Thanks to everyone for participating in this effort to help our communities stay safe during this turbulent time. May we all meet again in person to look at all our smiling faces and be thankful for our friendships.

Nancy -  75

Lynn      125

Anne R    25

Anne M    47

Barbara 625..

Carolyn 200

Janey     322

Total      1419


AQG HISTORY – summarized by Jean Stevens In the December newsletter I gave you a “quiz” on which President served when – most of you can answer the question, but some of you newer members may not, so here is the order –

Carole Booth  2009- 2010, 20010 - 2011

Barbara Moncrief 2011 - 2012

Vivian Thompson 2012

Ann Joyce 2013 – 2014, 2014 -2015

Janey Jones  2015 – 2016, 2016 - 2017

Mary Allen 2017 – 2018, 2018 -2019

Anne Rost 2019  - 2020, 2020…………..

The “bonus question” – Who was the one who volunteered to act as Vice-President, not knowing she would become President – the honor goes to Ann Joyce ! Those of us who were members during that time owe Ann a sense of gratitude for taking over and helping our guild to stay on track and prosper. We have to have a president (and other officers) for the Guild to continue, so lets thank all who have done so.