Volume 24   Issue 08                                                            February 2020

Hopefully now that the Holidays and the New Year has come and gone there will be time to work on new projects.  The Quilt Show will be here before we know it.  Now is time to begin thinking and working on items for this years show.  I am excited to see what projects the quilt challenge will produce.   
   As a reminder we will be at The Quiltville Inn for this months QOV meeting.  I look forward to seeing everyone there.   Please think about if you are able to help with the Quilt Show in any way and  let us know at the upcoming meeting.  


                            6 - NANCY KISH
                          12 - ANN JOYCE
                          17 - BARBARA MONCRIEF                                                                        

                             OFFICERS & COMMITTEE CHAIRS

President - Anne Rost                       Vice-President - Lorae Lewchalermwong
Secretary - Anne McDonald             Treasurer -  Lynn McClary                   
Historian -                                         Library - Nancy Morrell & Velma Blevins
Membership - Adrienne Sherrow      Newsletter - Ann Joyce
Education Program -  Nancy Kish    Quilts of Valor - Carolyn Patton, Barbara                                 Moncrief    
Publicity - Lorae Lewchalermwong        Raffle Quilt Production -  Mary Allen
Raffle Quilt Sales -                                    Outreach - Lois Edwards, Marie Pruitt
Sunshine -    Anne McDonald                Quilt Show - Jann Boggs

Calling - Barbara Moncrief, Nancy Kish
Quilts at WCC - Barbara Moncrief

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Minutes of the regular meeting of the Alleghany Quilters’ Guild held on January 23, 2020.
The meeting was called to order by President Anne Rost at 1:28pm.
Three guests, Linda Higgins, Vicki Carrico and Laura Bryant were welcomed.
The November minutes which had been circulated were approved.
Jann Boggs had a copy of the Treasurer’s Report which several members had not been able to download. This copy was circulated.
Sunshine: Anne McDonald requested a list of founding members of the Guild with contact details. She wishes to send birthday greetings to them in the same way as for current members.
Education: Members were reminded of the Fancy Gap  fabric sale on Saturday February 1. . Those interested in going should meet at the Senior Center between 9:15 and 9:30.
The first workshop will take place on February 11 from 10am to 3pm. Kathryn from the Mountain Thread Shop from Blowing Rock will teach the corded coiled baskets. A sign up sheet was circulated. Attendees need to bring their machines that will do zig zag with heavy weight needles.
On March 10, the Quilters’ Gallery will be presenting a class, the project will be detailed in the newsletter.
There is the possibility of a 3 night retreat at the Laurel Ridge Conference Center. At least 10 attendees are needed for food service. The cost for members is $30 per day each. The potential dates are April 21 to 24 or April 28 to May 1.
Nancy Kish held an informal drawing for a packet of fabric that had been donated to the Guild by Lynda Carver.
There was a vote of thanks for Nancy for the work and time that she has been putting in on Education for the guild.
Quilts of Valor: Barbara Moncrief announced that the next workday of this group will be on February 7 and will be held at Quiltville, Bonnie Hunter’s new retreat location. The date for the next presentation program was announced – November 14, 2020. The Chamber of commerce of Independence had approached Barbara for this information so as to include it in all Chamber publicity material. This year, nominations for recipients has been opened to members of the Guild. Normally there are up to 12 recipients. A 104 year old gentleman from Greensboro will be wrapped in one of our quilts on March 8. It is possible that the news media will be there to record this.
Carolyn Patten reminded members that QOV membership dues are now payable. A Regional Members Conference will be held in Duluth GA on March 14.
Raffle Quilt: Mary Allen thanked members for the quilt blocks that have been returned. She feels that there may now be enough blocks made. Jann Boggs helped with the cutting of fabric and with ideas for the assembly which is moving along well.
A thank you note had been received from David Cote for his inclusion in the Guild Christmas lunch.
Barbara Moncrief made an appeal for quilts that will be displayed in various places in the area.
JAM quilt: Tina Duffy has designed the quilt which will hang in the JAM house, incorporating the JAM logo. The trees blocks from the last raffle quilt which were not used were offered for use in this quilt if needed. There will possibly be some hand work needed on this quilt. There is no deadline and ideas were asked for. A motion was made by Barbara Moncrief, seconded by Mary Allen with a unanimous vote for the Guild to accept the costs involved with this quilt.
Quilt Show: Jann Boggs, who has taken on the challenge of presiding over this requested suggestions for a theme for the show. She outlined a possible theme for the Guild Challenge Quilts. The 2020 theme which was voted on was based on the 100 year anniversary of women’s suffrage. A motion was made by Jann Boggs, seconded by Lorae Lewchalermwong. The motion passed.  Jann requested that a meeting of chair persons be set up. Ann Joyce has the pink folders which need to be updated. A sign up sheet for show responsibilities was circulated.
Correspondence had been received from the Forsyth Piecers and Quilters regarding their project in which they accept books to be sold on consignment at their show on June 5 and 6. Any books left unsold, they will donate to the Alleghany Quilters’ Guild. These need to be picked up before the end of their show. Ann Joyce has volunteered to do this.
Ashe Country Invitational Guild  Challenge: takes place August 24 and 25. They have invited a certain number of area guilds to submit one quilt, made between 2015 and the present, to be judged by Viewers’ Choice at their show. Any member who would like to have their quilt be considered as the entry from our guild will be asked to bring that quilt to be viewed by a committee consisting of board members of our Guild. The date and time to be announced.
There are a number of shows coming up in the near future – Statesville Vendor show in February as well as shows in Daytona and Hampton. Quilt Con and Lancaster take place in March and Paducah in April.
The meeting was adjourned at 3:05pm.
Show and Tell  treasures were shown by Barbara Moncrief, Ann Joyce, Laura Bryant, Mary Allen, Jann Boggs and Anne Rost.

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We will meet February 7 at BONNIE HUNTER’S QUILTVILLE RETREAT: 12615 Wilson Highway in Mouth of Wilson (intersection of 16 & 58)!  COME PREPARED TO WORK HARD & look a bit... Bonnie is anxious to see what we are doing!  Anne McD will be bring soup & Lynn will bring her bread! Bring your MACHINE, ROTARY CUTTER, & RULERS AND $5 to renew your QOV membership, if you have not renewed.  QOV presentations we have scheduled are: 1. February 9 early afternoon in Vilas, NC, 2. tentatively March 8 to a 103 year old gent in Greensboro (we may have tv coverage), & 3. November 14 at 1908 Courthouse in Independence.
We are working on 2 in the Wilkesboro  area.  PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU PLAN TO BE AT THE FEBRUARY 7 WORKDAY!!!  Barbara

QOV will be presenting a quilt to a veteran on February 9 in Vilas, NC.  We will be meeting at gas station in Mouth of Wilson at 9:45 a.m., unless I send a different message. PLEASE let Carolyn or I know if you plan to join us.  March QOV workday will be March 6 at the Presbyterian Church.  As usual come ready to work hard and enjoy the fellowship and lunch!!!  We tentatively have a quilt presentation scheduled for March 8 in Greensboro, NC to a veteran who will be 103 on March 16!!!  PLEASE, mark your calendars!  Also if you have someone in mind to receive a quilt in 2020, please, contact Carolyn or myself!

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February class is Making Rope Baskets with Katherine from Mountain Threads in Blowing Rock.
We will meet at the Library on Tuesday Feb 11th, 10 am - 3 pm.  Bring a lunch and your machine, scissors and some bits of small 1-11/2 in. pieces about 3-5 in. various colors.   Machines must have zig=zag use and denim needles. She will bring all the rope and some colored threads as well.

March class is on Tuesday March 10th at Library with the Pizza girls from Statesville. We have to choose our project and their will be a $5 fee for a small kit. We can choose our project among those who sign up for the class.

April we have a tentative Retreat at Laurel Ridge Center in Laurel Springs. The dates are not set but will be Tuesday-Friday either the 21st-24  0r 28-May 1st. We need 10 members and the cost to members will only be for your food, the guild will pick up the room and rental charge. Please look ahead and let me know so I can book one of these dates.

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Attached will be a copy of the Application for the 2020 Small Quilt Challenge from Jann Boggs so you can start thinking about your Small Quilt Challenge.