Volume 23   Issue 7                                                                 January 2019

January President’s Corner

     As another New Year begins we look back on all our successes, challenges, mistakes, blessings and hopefully happy times.  We look ahead to new adventures, challenges, projects and learning.  Once we are rested from all the holiday going and doing, we can settle down to new quilt fabrics, patterns, classes and skills.

    Quilting for me is not about producing perfect products but about the joys of trying new things and sharing that joy with others.  The same is true of my other crafts including cooking.  Our neighbor gives the gift of a wonderful dinner with friends every year in early December.  This year, 92 year old mom of another neighbor shared childhood experiences of her Czech grandmother’s special baked sweet breads.  It was a gift to hear her descriptions of treats with unpronounceable (by us) names and to imagine the divine fragrances they spread throughout the house. 

     I had a childhood friend whose Czech heritage I enjoyed hearing about.  When our daughter spent her semester abroad in Prague…of all places!...we visited her and enjoyed the beautiful people, crafts and architecture there.  When talented Charlie Lewchalermwong taught his Thai cooking classes we got to taste a bit of Thailand also.  I hope to schedule a Czech baking lesson with Lenore in 2019.  Maybe I will make a Czech quilt block too!

    Happy 2019 



  2 - Lori McDonald

13 - Mary Allen



President - Mary Allen

Vice-President - Barbara Moncrief

Secretary - Jean Stevens   Apr-Oct                

             Anne McDonald  Nov. -Mar

 Treasurer -  Beth Sproul   Apr- Oct

.            Lynn McClary Nov - Mar

Historian -  

Library - Nancy Morrell May - Nov.

Membership - Adrienne Sherrow

Newsletter - Ann Joyce

Education Program -  Nancy Kish

Quilts of Valor - Carolyn Patton, Barbara Moncrief, Beth Sproul            

Publicity - Lorae Lewchalermwong

Raffle Quilt Production -  Beth Sproul

Raffle Quilt Sales -  

Outreach - Lois Edwards, Marie Pruitt

Sunshine -    Anne McDonald 

Quilt Show - Anne Rost, Ann Joyce

Calling - Barbara Moncrief, Nancy Kish

Quilts at WCC - Barbara Moncrief

Minutes of the December monthly business meeting of the Alleghany Quilters’ Guild

The meeting was called to order by President Mary Allen at 1:15pm, after the Christmas luncheon at the Turkey Knob Community Center. There were 5 guests present.

As there were no additions or corrections to the minutes of the previous meeting, already circulated in the preceding newsletter, they were unanimously approved.

The Treasurers’s report was also unanimously approved. Beth Sproul reported that the final total for raffle sales for the 2018 raffle quilt was $1716. A small committee had met regarding the group’s CD. Further meetings will take place.

Anne McDonald gave the Sunshine report and requested input from members on needs for cards to be sent out.

Education:  Beth Sproul had led a class on the Cathedral Windows technique. Nancy Kish had been hard at work setting up a series of classes. The cost of classes is $15 for members and $20 for non members. There need to be at least 5 attendees at classes. In February, there would be an open sew session at the Sparta Library. On January 8, Mary Allen will give a class named “Winter Landscapes.”  Mary showed an example of her class project. On March 12, Laura Bryant will teach a class on wool appliqué. On April 9, Nanette Berkley will teach a class on stack and whack and in May, Carl Stevens will teach a class on paper piecing.


QOV: Barbara Moncrief reported on recent activities. Over 200 pillow cases had been presented to the Gunny Claus project and quilts had been given to the Foster program. She reported that our wonderful quilter Jim is working on a number of our QOV quilts at present. The next meeting of this group was set for January 4 at the Presbyterian Church in Sparta. Anne Rost would bring lunch. Carolyn Patton had a video of the recent presentation of quilts to veterans running throughout the luncheon and meeting. She reported that dues for 2019 are  now due. The national board of QOV had recently distributed funds to different worker groups. Of 180 applicant groups, we received money for batting, fabric and thread.

2019 Raffle Quilt: Beth Sproul reported on the progress on this quilt which has now reached the stage where help is needed from members. Kits containing the pattern and fabric for the 33 squares  were available. There is a need for green fabric and several ladies offered fabric for this.

Library: There were no Library representatives present.

Mary Allen reported that the Black Building had been paid for and reserved for July 9 through 13.

Lorae Lewchalermong reported that she had hand delivered last year’s quilt to the winner who was delighted with it, saying that she had purchase the ticket at last year’s show.

Mary Allen reported that $160 had been collected at the meeting, as was customary for the Food Pantry. 

One of our founding members, Jo Seagle, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She has had a lumpectomy and the cancerous growth removed. She got the good news just before Christmas and was able to enjoy the holidays with a much lighter spirit. Jo stressed the importance of continuing regular mammograms - even into your 80’s. She had always had clear reports till this past one. So take care of yourself and continue those checkups !

FEBRUARY QOV MEETING will be Friday FEBRUARY 8!  Mark your calendar as that is a different Friday than our normal workday...10:00 until at the Presbyterian Church in Sparta.  We have tons of work ready to be done and of course we will have laughter and fun as we work! Barbara

January Tip - Upcycling

I like to turn small cups that I find at garage sales into pincushions.  I cut a large fabric circle, stitch a running stitch around the edge, and I stuff it with fiberfil.  Gather the edge, and glue the bottom to the inside of the cup.  They're quick and easy to make, and they are so cute!

Karen Follett from Lenexa, KS

Due to Mary’s surgery she has requested we move her January class to February 12th. So that means we will still meet on January 8th and make it a do your own thing day .

 January 4th QOV workday:  A completed quilt