Volume 22   Issue 7
January  2017 

January  President's Corner

  I hope you had a holiday full of good times and treats.  I had so many treats that now I need several hand sewing projects to keep my fingers out of the cookie jar. Maybe I'll get back to my curved seam blocks.  I can machine stitch only the largest, most gentle curves.  As I write this Glade Valley is snow covered and I am hoping we will get to enjoy our usual lovely Christmas luncheon and seeing the beautiful blocks made by members.
    Another new quilting year is beginning and our UFO's have another chance for new inspiration and completion. OR.....we can start a new project from scratch. Think of all the new choices to make:  color choices, block design, fabric choices. "We can make our own rules.  It's okay if the quilt is made of a soft rosy color, and it's okay if it is red and trimmed with black sequins.  It's all right if it is appliqued or pieced, big or little,
pastel or bright.  Making a quilt is a joyful process because of the deep satisfaction in creating it.  It doesn't matter if you and I stand side by side to look at its beauty and we behold its charm in different ways."Quote from the late Helen Kelly, September 1996 QNM

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         11    Carole Booth

                                                             11    Jo Seagle
                                                             12    Janie Rodgers
                                                             13    Mary Allen


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Alleghany Quilters Guild Meeting Minutes

December 14, 2017

     President Mary Allen called the meeting to order at the High Meadows Country Club after a lovely Christmas luncheon. Guests and new members were introduced.  The minutes of the November meeting and the Treasurer's report were approved as published in the newsletter.

     Nancy Kish reported that income from raffle quilt ticket sales at the Alleghany Choose and Cut craft show was approximately $400.  The total for the year is $1907.  She also reported that donations for the Alleghany Food Closet collected at the luncheon totaled $107.49.

     Carolyn Patton reported that the guild has 14 completed QOV quilts to send to the QOV Foundation, and several small quilts to donate to the Pregnancy Center.  The next QOV workday will be January 5.  QOV Foundation membership dues are due.  You may send your $5.00 dues to Carolyn.

     Lynn McClary, Chair of the Education Committee, announced that the first Sit 'n Sew day will be January 23 at the Alleghany Public Library.  The February class will be taught by Jo Seagle.  She will show us how to make a  denim jacket.  Date and time of the class will be announced at the next meeting.  After a Sit 'n Sew day in March, the April 10 class will be on free motion quilting and will be taught by Margaret Layman.

     Alicia Stevens showed us a picture of the 2018 raffle quilt pattern that the committee had selected.  It is from one of the Quilt in a Day books by Eleanor Burns and is called “Bear in the Woods.”  She also had a sample pine tree block that is used in the quilt.  Marie Pruitt offered to donate a bolt of unbleached muslin to use for the background.

     Members voted for their favorite of the blocks made from the Christmas challenge fabric.  Gail Brandt's block won, and she was awarded a prize.  Barbara Moncrief won the drawing for the blocks.  Door prizes were given to the person at each table who found a green ribbon tied to one leg of his or her chair.

     The meeting was adjourned, and we had Show and Tell:

Ruth Chapel showed us 2 scrap baby quilts she had made for the Pregnancy Center.

  Ann Joyce had some cute little purses she is making for her female family members.

Alicia Stevens had made a fabric 3-D star, a Cathedral Windows table runner, and a small wallhanging.

Beth Sproul showed us a small Flying Geese quilt.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynda Carver, Co-secretary



President - Mary Allen                 Vice-President - Barbara Moncrief

Secretary - Jean Stevens   &      Treasurer - Nancy Kish

      Lynda Carver

Historian -                            Library - Lynda Carver

Membership - Adrienne Sherrow Newsletter - Ann Joyce

Education Program -  Lynn McClary     Quilts of Valor - Carolyn Patton, Barbara Moncrief,

                                                      Beth Sproul

Publicity - Lorae Lewchalermwong Raffle Quilt Production -  

Raffle Quilt Sales - Janey Jones            Outreach - Lois Edwards

Sunshine - Maureen Cote Quilt Show - Carol Booth, Jo Seagle, Beth Sproul,

Calling - Barbara Moncrief, Nancy Kish                Jean Stevens

Quilts at WCC - Barbara Moncrief


AQG Education News for January 2018

   Our first “Sew What You Wish” day is Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at the Alleghany Public Library from 10:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.  Come and spend time sewing and/ or stitching on whatever you want, getting help and advice from your fellow fabric enthusiasts, and just having a good time together. Bring your lunch or feel free to go get one in town! You do not have to stay the entire time; the library is reserved for us at the time stated above. If you don’t have anything planned, you can work on Quilts of Valor; Barbara has said she will have some things to do for anyone who wants to do that. Looking forward to a fun Tuesday!

     Our first class will be on Tuesday, February 13, 2018, at The Alleghany Public Library from 10:00 – 4:00. This class will be making a denim jacket and will be taught by Jo Seagle.  This class is by popular request- remember the jacket Jo was wearing at Choose and Cut Day back in December? We will have 

signup sheets and supply lists at our regular meeting this month.

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QOV HAD 13 gals working at the January workday!!  Tons of work, laughter, chatter, and hot soup were enjoyed!  The next workday will be FEBRUARY 2 at the Presbyterian Church beginning at 10.  I promise I’ll make a non spicy soup in February!  THERE WILL BE A NATIONAL QOV CONVENTION MAY 17-21 in N Myrtle Beach, SC...look at your calendars as more information will be presented at the Guild meeting.   Beth, Carolyn, and Barbara


We want to welcome our two new members.  They are:

Anne McDonald Lori McDonald

983 Osborne Memorial Rd. 983 Osborne Memorial Rd.

Sparta, NC   28675 Sparta, NC  28675

336-372-7074  Home 336-372-7074  Home

520-444-2208  Cell 912-633-7989  Cell

QUILT SHOW 2018 - The countdown has begun ! That's right everybody - it's 6 months till our 22nd Annual Quilt Show ! So, work on those projects, think about how you can get involved and give Jo Seagle your ideas how we can make this year's show one of the best. We will be asking members at the meeting your thoughts on a theme (what about "The Love of Quilts") , having a Silent Auction of small items (tablerunners, wall hangings, etc.) and a display of "Golden Oldies"(previous award winners) There will be a sign-up sheet for all the various jobs and areas where we need your help.  And, get busy on your entries !!!!!!!

2017 RAFFLE QUILT SALES - Thanks again to all of you who manned the sales events, sold the tickets and 

of course, makers of the quilt - it was a success due to all of you. I miss you ! Jean

It is with a heavy heart that we are having to say good-bye to Maureen Cote and that sweet smile.  Maureen passed away suddenly last Wednesday.  We will miss her in so many ways.   

No arrangements have been made at this time.  Dave has requested no food and will let us know when a memorial will be.  Please keep Dave & family  in your prayers for comfort during this time.  The photo on the left was taken at Choose & Cut day and the one on the right was at our Christmas Luncheon.