Volume 22   Issue 8
March 2018

February  President's Corner

March is the month that inspires us to plant "cool weather" vegetables like broccoli, spinach and other hardy greens.  But it is often too cold in Alleghany County or too wet or too frozen to make furrows for our seeds.  So maybe we can "plant" a flower quilt to bloom while we wait for the garden soil to be cooperative. 


     I have a pattern for simple tulip blocks that hopefully I can get around to this spring.  Maybe I'll let those blocks be the first strip of a "row by row" flower quilt that I can make in small sections.  My veggies will have to wait for planting, but flower quilts grow every season.  At the late fall Randolph County Guild show, I met raffle ticket sellers from Burlington.  They told me of a local cutting and packaging contract company where after pre-cuts are assembled, the scraps go into huge boxes.  Scrap customers can scramble through the boxes and buy scraps by the pound.  My curiosity and fabric-appetite got the best of me and I bought a mere six pounds of MORE SCRAPS!!  Fresh inspiration is always good!!

 Happy spring,



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          9 -  Cydney Stauffer

                 22 - Carla Collins

                                          31 - Marie Kivett


Meeting of the Alleghany Quilters Guild

February 22, 2018

     President Mary Allen called the meeting to order at the Senior Center.  The minutes of the January meeting and the Treasurer's report were approved as published in the newsletter.

          Mary read thank you notes the guild had received from the Pregnancy Center for baby quilts donated and from the winner of the 2017 raffle quilt, Louise Law.

      Lynn McClary thanked Jo Seagle for teaching the January class on making a slashed denim jacket.  On March 16  we will have a Sit 'n Sew day, and on April 10 there will be a class on free motion quilting with Margaret Layman.  May 8 will be another Sit 'n Sew day, and the June class is not yet scheduled

     Barbara Moncrief read a thank you note received from Seeds of Hope for pillowcases we sent to the victims of the hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico, and announced that the next QOV workday will be March 2 at the Presbyterian Church.  There will also be a workday on March 8 at Barbara's house to make pillowcases for the Gunney Claus Christmas project for disabled children of vets. Barbara also reported that the Alleghany County Chamber of Commerce will put the guild's meetings, classes and workdays on their calendar which is on their website.  Lori McDonald told us there is a facebook page called “What's happening in Alleghany County” where we could also list our events for further publicity.

     Barbara has also been coordinating hanging a quilt at the Community College every month.  She has received a request from the Alleghany Wellness Center for the same.  There was a consensus that the quilts hung at the college could be moved to the Wellness Center for the next month.

     Lynda Carver thanked the great volunteers who had helped cut all the pieces for the raffle quilt and package them into block kits.  The kits were available for members to take and assemble and return at the March meeting.

     Mary asked for a volunteer to chair the sales of raffle tickets at the various community events where we sell tickets.  No one volunteered.

     Jo Seagle passed around sign-up sheets for the jobs that need to be filled for the Quilt Show.  The schedule for Quilt Show week will be:  Tuesday volunteers are needed to clean up the building (sweep, check restroom supplies, etc.).  Wednesday is the day quilts are delivered and hanging quilts is begun. (This is when we need people who are comfortable climbing ladders.  Husbands are welcome!)  Thursday is for finishing hanging the quilts, decorating and any other preparations needed.  Friday and Saturday the show will be open.   Jo also reminded us that there will be a silent auction of small items (table runners, small quilts, etc.), so donations of these items will be welcome.  An addition to the silent auction will be baskets of small sewing-related items that members donate from their sewing rooms.  Jo also asked for suggestions for a theme for this year's show.  After suggestions were made and voted on, “Quilting in the Mountains” was selected as the theme.

      Nancy Kish suggested that the guild make a $500 donation to the community effort to upgrade and expand the hospital in Sparta.  A motion to that effect was made and passed.

       Mary porposed that we re-schedule our July meeting to the third Thursday instead of the fourth to coincide with the Quilt Show.  This was approved.  We will meet at the Emersom Black Building at 1:00 (instead of 1:30) so we have a chance to take care of any remaining details of preparation for the show.  The group also agreed to contact the Dirty Fingers Garden Club to see if they can again host our June meeting for lunch on June 21.

     Show and Tell:

Barbara Moncrief showed a music-themed quilt she made for a Cystic Fibrosis auction and her jacket started in Jo's class.

Ruth Chapel showed a Trip Around the World style quilt made with rectangles instead of squares that she made for QOV and several tablerunners, mug rugs, pincushions and placemats she made from leftovers.

NancyKish had a quilt she made for a wedding gift.

Adrienne Sherrow showed a framed fiber wallhanging she exhibited at the Ashe Arts Center.

Lynn McClary had some Valentine things she had made: a place mat and 2 pillow covers

Janeys Jones showed us a quilt she made with her daughter.  It was backed with sherpa and tied.  She also showed a block she had made in a recent Bonnie Hunter class.

Carla Collins showed some blocks she made in a different Bonnie Hunter class.

Barbara Moncrief had also been to a Bonnie Hunter class and showed us various rulers and tools she had purchased.

Respectively Submitted,

Linda Carver


President - Mary Allen Vice-President - Barbara Moncrief

Secretary - Jean Stevens   &      Treasurer - Nancy Kish

      Lynda Carver

Historian -                    Library - Lynda Carver

Membership - Adrienne Sherrow Newsletter - Ann Joyce

Education Program -  Lynn McClary             Quilts of Valor - Carolyn Patton, Barbara Moncrief,

Beth Sproul

Publicity - Lorae Lewchalermwong Raffle Quilt Production -  

Raffle Quilt Sales - Janey Jones                  Outreach - Lois Edwards

Sunshine - Ann Joyce Quilt Show - Carol Booth, Jo Seagle, Beth Sproul,

Calling - Barbara Moncrief, Nancy Kish Jean Stevens

Quilts at WCC - Barbara Moncrief


AQG Education News for March 2018

Our dates for upcoming opportunities are as follows:

March 16 (Friday)- our 2nd “Sew What You Wish” Day

April 10 (Tuesday) Free Motion Quilting Class, taught by Margaret Layman

All sewing events are from 10:00 A.M.- 4:00 P.M. and are held at the Alleghany Public Library.

2018 QUILT SHOW - July 13th & 14th - "Quilting in the Mountains" - What we all love to do, love to see and love to learn about. 

What a great theme for our 22nd Annual Quilt Show. We're counting on everyone to join in to help show our community what Quilting means to us. Many of you have already stepped up to volunteer to help and we will need additional help, particularly with the Silient Auction. Items for the baskets will need to be collected and then put into attractive baskets - any members have experience doing this ? Please let us know. BTW, the baskets don't have to be only quilting/fabric items - be thinking of items you can donate or get donated to make a basket full of goodies someone attending the show  or you would love to win. 

Jann Boggs & Lori McDonald have volunteered to help with advertising/publicity so we can look forward to a bright look on our flyers & bookmarks. Please give us suggestions on new places or ways  to get the word out - we are on a very limited budget so whatever we can do for FREE is best.

Once again - thank you to all who have already volunteered to help make this another great quilt show. Please keep working on your beautiful entries ! ! !

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QOV workday in March was, as usual, extremely productive!!  Ruth taught us a new pattern! She had all the pieces cut and ready to begin stitching…in April we will decide on borders for it as well as work on several other projects.  Ann Rost wants to teach us a new pattern…Carla has a pattern to teach us..…SO, come and be ready to learn, have fun, and help produce quilts! Ann Rost will be bringing “crock pot pizza” for our lunch!!  WE WILL MEET AT THE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH ON APRIL 6. AT10 until!                                                

Barbara, Carolyn & Beth