Alleghany Quilters Guild

2018 Quilt Show Registration Form

Completed forms (this page only) must be returned to Ann Joyce, 701 W. Banner Ave., Winston-Salem, NC 27127, 336-972-6569 or no later than June 23, 2018.  There is no entry fee.

Please complete a separate form for each item you are entering.

Your Name ___________________________________________  Telephone #_____________________

Street Address ____________________________________  City, ST _____________________________

Zip:_________________  email:  ____________________________________________________

Name of Entry:_____________________________________________ Size: ________" W x _________” L

Name of Quilter:____________________________________________If for sale, enter price:$__________

(Note:  Alleghany Quilters Guild will collect 10% of sales price as a commission on any items sold at the show.)

Please choose the appropriate category for your item from the list attached and write that category's

number & name below:


Brief Comments (50 words or less – attach additional sheet if needed) :



Quilts must be clean and have no odor.  Quilt top must have been made by the person entering the quilt in the show. "Cheater cloth" quilts are not eligible.  All entries may be photographed by others.  All quilts larger than 65" in length must have a 4” SLEEVE SEWN onto  the back no more than 85" from the bottom of the quilt.  This sleeve will be used to hang the quilt on a rod.  All entries must have a label on the bottom left hand corner with owner's name & quilt name as listed on the application.

Quilts entered are to be completely encased in a fabric bag no smaller than a standard pillowcase with your name on it.   Items which have previously won a ribbon at an Alleghany Quilters Guild Quilt Show are not eligible for entry.  No more than two entries per person in any one category. 

Entries must be delivered to the Emerson Black Building at the Alleghany County Fairgrounds, Hwy 21N of Sparta, NC on Wednesday, July 11, 2017 between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM unless other arrangements have been made with the Registration Chairperson.   Entries must be picked up at the above location on Saturday, July 14, 2017, between 4:30 and 5:15 pm unless other arrangements have been made with the Registration Chairperson. Please remain outside until 4:30 for an orderly dispersal of quilts.  The Registration Chairperson reserves the right to recategorize any quilt if it is in the wrong category or if fewer than 3 entries are received in a category.  Guild members will be present at all times when the exhibit is open and the building will be locked when the exhibit is closed.  Alleghany Quilters Guild is not responsible for damage or loss of any item entered in the show.

I have read and agree to the above paragraph.   _______________________________________________


Please enter the name of the person who will pick up the quilt after the show is over.

Name _____________________________________________________  Item #_________ (Will be filled in by AQG.)

Signature _________________________________________________  (To be signed at the time the quilt is claimed)

Alleghany Quilters Guild

 2017 Quilt Show Categories

Number     Name of Category

 100      Quilts Made by Young People

 200      Bed Quilts – Hand Pieced,  Machine Quilted by Piecer, or Professionally Quilted

 300      Bed Quilts – Hand Pieced and Hand Quilted by Piecer

 400      Bed Quilts – Machine Pieced, Machine Quilted by Piecer

 500      Bed Quilts – Machine Pieced, Professionally Machine Quilted

 600      Bed Quilts – Appliqued by Hand 

 700      Bed Quilts -  Appliqued by Machine

 800      Bed Quilts – Mixed Techniques and Other Techniques

 900      Lap Quilts

1000      Baby Quilts

1100     Wall Hangings – Pieced & Appliqued

1200     Wall Hangings – Mixed Techniques and Other Techniques

1300     Seasonal

1400     Miscellaneous Quilted Items – Miniatures, Table Runners, etc.

1500     Wearables



Bed Quilt – A quilt measuring 63” x 88” or larger designed for use on a bed (as opposed to being hung on the wall).

Professionally Machine Quilted – Quilted by someone who was paid to do the quilting.

Mixed Techniques and Other Techniques – Quilt significantly incorporates several different techniques such as piecing, applique, embroidery, etc., or primarily  uses a technique other than piecing or applique, such as a wholecloth (not a cheater cloth), Cathedral Windows, embroidered blocks, etc.

Lap Quilt – A utilitarian quilt smaller than a bed quilt intended for use by adults.

Baby Quilt – A utilitarian quilt smaller than a bed quilt intended for use by a baby or small child.

Miniatures – Pattern reflects overall reduced scale and miniaturization, and quilt is no more than 24” on a side.